InsuLogix®H / M

InsuLogix®H / M

●Introduction Weidmann’s InsuLogix®H incorporates a patented microchip-based technology that uses a nickel/palladium alloy to measure The hydrogen concentration in transformer oil. The advanced proprietary coating that protects the sensor allows it to come into direct contact with oil without a membrane or filter, And can measure the hydrogen in the oil phase and the gas phase. InsuLogix®H can also provide optional humidity sensor (H/M), It can also be easily added later on site. InsuLogix®H and HM can be easily installed in transformer drain valves or other available accessories for easy modification.

●Advantages A low-cost, maintenance-free solution for hydrogen monitoring in small and large transformers. The humidity sensor is optional, It can be added later as needed. Available in oil or gas phase version with all other expensive and complicated gas monitors There are no moving parts, no diaphragms, no filters, no consumables. It is easy to calibrate based on the most recent DGA reading. Easy to install and meet all standards for operating instruments in the substation environment (IEC and IEEE) Interface with Weidmann InsuLogix®VAULT transformer monitor.


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