InsuLogix ® T

InsuLogix ® T

●Introduction Weidmann's InsuLogix®T provides reliable and proven online monitoring of transformer hot winding temperature. In addition, the monitoring and control functions of the cooling system can be integrated to create a cost-effective complete monitoring package. The display can also be used with Weidmann-certified SmartSpacer®.

●Advantages InsuLogix®T with SmartSpacer® certified by Weidmann provides the most comprehensive system on the market, Used for winding hot spot measurement and protection and control of transformer auxiliary system. WeidmannInsuLogix®T is supplied with the certified SmartSpacer® and can be installed immediately. This provides the transformer manufacturer with a probe embedded in the winding key spacer. Weidmann The certification ensures that the probe assembly meets or exceeds industry standards, thereby minimizing the risk of problems. Weidmann is a global leader in insulation design and manufacturing. InsuLogix®T is a modular system that can be installed in the transformer control panel or Inside the WeidmannInsuLogix®VAULT integrator or any third-party enclosure.



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