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The company was originally the Electromechanical Department of Anton Trading Co., Ltd., which originally provided technical services such as the regeneration and activation of transformer insulation oil and transformer diagnosis in the industry. As the business grew stronger and stronger, Ampletech Technology Co., Ltd. was established separately since July 7, 2002 the company。

The company will continue to provide a more diversified and balanced development for industrial development, quality improvement, research and development and environmental protection. These are the company's guarantee and commitment to customers and environmental protection, and it is the determination of sustainable operation. The improvement of core competitiveness and professional diversification of operation and growth have allowed us to continuously devote ourselves to innovation and development. In the future, the company and the professional team will continue to uphold a conscientious state of mind and build a professional, diversified and ecological enterprise。

The company takes recycling as its core business to meet customer needs, develops oil product inspection and related testing services, and provides the following advantages over other inspection or electromechanical companies:

1. Integrate the data of oil inspection, regenerating oil filtration and diagnostic analysis to achieve fault preventive maintenance and provide high-quality one-stop complete service。
2. Provide more cost-effective professional services and consulting。
3. Acting for sales of well-known professional manufacturers abroad, providing technical and equipment sales services。



AD 2002
Established "AMPLETECH Technology Co., Ltd."
AD 2003
Established the "Power Transformer Insulating Oil Filter and Oil Generation Treatment" project and provided external services. Constructed the "Power Transformer Insulating Oil Regeneration Treatment Process" and provided external services.
AD 2009
Establish an "oil laboratory" and provide external services
AD 2010
award ISO/IEC 17025Certification of Testing Laboratory
AD 2011
Established the "Power Transformer Live Electricity Dewatering Treatment" project and provided external services
AD 2012
Established the "Power Transformer Live Electricity Dewatering Treatment" project and provided external services
AD 2013
Expand operations and move to the current building
AD 2014
Additional purchase of "power transformer live electricity water removal treatment equipment" to expand external services
AD 2017
Award the British Standards Institute (BSI) accredited and issued the "ISO 9001:2016 (new version)" quality management certification
AD 2019
Award「ISO/IEC 17025:2017(New Version) Testing Laboratory'' Certification


1.Predictive fault diagnosis and suggestion consulting service of running transformer
2.Transformer oil cracking diagnosis and evaluation and oil regeneration treatment service in operation
3.Transformer oil filter oil purification treatment service
4.Moisture evaluation and dehumidification treatment service of insulating paper in operation transformer
5.Sales of transformer oil processing related equipment
6.Transformer monitoring and intelligent maintenance system
7.Analysis and testing services of transformer oil characteristics, gas in oil and furfural in oil
8.Corrosion sulfur detection service in transformer oil



1.Weidmann(Online detection system)
2.Remex(Insulating oil treatment equipment)
3.SDMyers(Insulating paper dehumidification equipment )

Quality policy
心有你 障你我

The company requires every member to make every effort and enthusiasm, uphold a pragmatic and responsible attitude of excellence and continuous improvement, and continuously improve the quality of services provided by the company to meet customer needs and achieve the goal of sustainable operation。

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