--The best choice for online monitoring of oil-immersed transformers

●Introduction Regularly monitor H2 (hydrogen), CO (carbon monoxide), CH4 (methane), C2H6 (ethane), C2H4 (ethylene), C2H2 (acetylene), H2O (micro water, optional), CO2 (carbon dioxide, optional) and total hydrocarbon, total combustible gas content, and analyze and diagnose the transformer Working status and fault type.

●Advantages 1. Automatic periodic calibration technology (optional), can trace the calibration gas to automatically calibrate, to ensure the consistency and reliability of the equipment detection accuracy. 2. The introduction of advanced and stable military sensors, the minimum resolution of C2H2 is 0.1uL/L, which is chromatographic analysis of transformer oil Provide a strong guarantee for work. 3. Take oil in the middle part and return oil in the lower part. The oil circuit seal adopts the world's top American SWAGELOK® fittings, and all key components are Imported products with many years of on-site operation experience with original packaging to eliminate the life problems of some similar products in corresponding key links.



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