SF6 GAX 30/80

SF6 GAX 30/80


GAX 30/80 uses high-precision infrared sensors to detect the purity of SF6 gas, with excellent accuracy and stability. The patented electrochemical and thermal conductivity detector is used to detect various SF6 gas decomposition products. Self-compensating And calibrated capacitive sensing technology for gas dew point detection, which can instantly reflect the dielectric properties of SF6 gas, The whole detection process only takes 2-3 minutes. The instrument is designed for constant gas flow detection and provides a graph of continuous changes in gas concentration. The built-in battery can ensure continuous on-site use for more than 8 hours. The standard functions of full touch screen operation include gas concentration cross-line alarm, Data on-site printing, easy calibration (two-point calibration) and complete data management software.

●Application Determine the internal faults of electrical equipment such as SF6 circuit breakers, transformers, GIS and transformers. Monitor the trend change of the corrosive decomposition products of SF6 gas. Apply Condition Overhaul (CBM) to extend the life cycle of SF6 insulation equipment.

●Advantages Lightweight design, only 8.5 kg weight AC and DC dual purpose, built-in lithium ion battery provides up to 8 hours of running time. Can detect gas SF6, H2O (dew point), SO2, HF, CO and CF4 at the same time Stand-alone thermal printer, print test results on site 7-inch full touch screen interface, and equipped with Chinese operating software interface. Comply with the predetermined test standards of IEC and CIGRE The internal SF6 gas pressure value can be read from the operating interface Equipped with SF6 recovery device to achieve non-toxic emission for environmental protection

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