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When transformer oil is in operation, it will gradually age (oxidize) and deteriorate to generate harmful substances, which poses a threat to the safe operation of equipment. In order to prevent oil aging, some measures will be taken to slow down the aging, extend the service life, and then ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The measures taken to prevent aging include:
Transformer oil regeneration

The regeneration treatment is mainly to remove the sludge and oxidizing acidic substances in the insulating oil to prevent oil deterioration. Treatment methods such as oil filtering and replacement of new oil cannot remove the residual grease in the insulating paper part. Through the oil regeneration treatment in the active state, the best effect will be fully achieved, and the oil will return to the state of almost new oil.。


Effect after regeneration:

The reclaimed oil processed by our company meets the requirements of international new oil standards (ASTM, IEC) and Taipower’s material standard I002, etc.


Effect after regeneration:

The reclaimed oil processed by our company meets the requirements of international new oil standards (ASTM, IEC) and Taipower’s material standard I002, etc.

Transformer oil  purification

Remove the water content in the insulating oil and reduce the water content in some insulating papers, improve the dielectric strength of the insulating oil, and ensure the best insulation endurance。


filter oil timing:

After the transformer insulating oil is sampled and tested, it is found that the dielectric strength and water content of the transformer exceed the reference value, the oil should be filtered at the appropriate time to improve the reliability and normal operation of the transformer and maintain the safety of power supply。


filter oil effect:

The transformer is subjected to regular oil filtering treatment to keep the transformer moisture at the lowest water content and the best withstand voltage, improve the reliability of the transformer operation and extend the life of the oil. The economic benefits are very considerable, and many domestic manufacturers use it.。

Oil  replacement 

Improve the quality of transformer insulating oil。


When to change new oil:

When the oil capacity of the transformer is less than 500 liters, when the oil quality has signs of deterioration, the oil should be changed to maintain the normal operation of the transformer。


Effect of new oil replacement:

It can remove most of the oxidizing acidic substances in the degraded insulating oil in small transformers, and return to the normal state, but it cannot completely remove the degraded substances in the insulating paper, and it is not economical.。

On line denydration

Reduce the water content in the insulating paper, extend the operating life of the transformer and improve the reliability and safety of its use。


Timing of water removal

When the water content in the insulating paper inside the transformer is too high during operation, and the water in the oil cannot be reduced by filtering the oil, the insulating paper should be used to remove water.。


Water removal effect

The water removal effect can reduce the moisture content of the insulating paper to below 2%, fully maintaining the original function of the insulating paper, delaying the natural aging of the insulating paper, and greatly improving the reliability and service life of the transformer。

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