●Introduction Moisture is the enemy of transformers. When used in combination with heat and oxygen, the insulating layer The entire transformer caused irreparable damage. We use mature DryMax technology to help dehumidification programs. DryMax is a energized online dryer device. As long as the moisture is completely removed, DryMax will be directly connected to the live transformer. After installation, it will immediately begin to prevent further deterioration of the paper insulation, thereby improving the reliability of the transformer. Degraded paper also increases the risk of arcing and dielectric failure. Part of the moisture reduction service using DRYMAX® technology, You can increase the reliable life of your transformer.

●Advantages 1.Replace the traditional method, no need for power outage processing. 2. It can be connected to online monitoring equipment for implementation. 3.The equipment is of moderate size, convenient to move and strong maneuverability. 4. Simple structure and easy maintenance. 5.The power required on site is 120 VAC/50-60 Hz/15A. 6.Rapidly reduce the moisture in the oil to below 10ppm, and continue to monitor until the moisture content of the insulating paper drops below 2% (w/w). 7. Does not affect the analysis of the gas composition and diagnosis suggestions in the oil.

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